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SmartTruck EZ Controller Kit

The SmartTruck EZ Controller Kit comes with everything needed to help you better manage your truck fleet.  This Controller will help you reduce fuel usage, maintenance costs, and improve driving safety.


The "plug and play" laptop programmable controller can be set to meet your individual fleet requirements.  You can program your trucks to control excessive speed, engine idling and 'jack-rabbit' starts, thereby improving fuel economy and driving safety.


To learn more about FMI's SmartTruck EZ Controller Kit, download the SmartTruck brochure on this page.


Trans-Stop Mechanical Shift Inhibitor

The patented Trans-Stop system can be set up to be both a transmission shift inhibitor and an interlock on the same vehicle.


As a shift inhibitor, Trans-Stop requires the operator to apply brake pressure to stop the vehicle prior to shifting the transmission to change vehicle direction. This prevents transmission, driveline and drive axle shock load failures that occur when a driver shifts incorrectly while a vehicle is moving.


As an interlock, Trans-Stop mechanically locks the transmission in ‘park’ or ‘neutral’ until all monitored switches are in a "Safe" position. Take, for instance, an airline flight kitchen truck. Trans-Stop acts as an interlock when the truck bed is raised to service the aircraft and the vehicle cannot be shifted into drive gear until the apparatus is stowed properly.


To learn more about FMI's Trans-Stop Mechanical Shift Inhibitor, download the brochure on this page. For more information call Greg or Charlie at 1.800.927.8750.

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