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Customer Testimonials

FMI spends a significant amount of time and energy making sure that we are providing our customers with the products and services they need. 


Customer Testimonials

Survey Cards

We provide a survey card to every customer that comes to FMI for repair or maintenance of a cab, chassis or body. What follows are a few of the most recent comments we have received from our customers as a result of these surveys.


Surveys Returned:  2,582               

Would you recommend FMI to your friends and associates (from all survey cards)?

Yes: 98.4%


Favorable Response Rate:

● March 2023: 98.0%

● February 2023: 98.0%

● January 2023: 98.0%

● December 2022: 98.0%

● November 2022: 98.0%

● October 2022: 98.0%

● September 2022: 98.0%

● August 2022: 98.0%

● July 2022: 98.0%

● June 2022: 97.9%

● May 2022: 97.9%

● April 2022: 97.9%

● March 2022: 97.9%

● February 2022: 98%

● January 2022: 98%

Comments on Cards:

NE Portland

● Liz is always great! She's very good at communicating what has been done and what should be looked at. Thanks! (March 2023)

● Shawn was very helpful and informative. (March 2023)

● Diagnosed and serviced the vehicle sooner than I expected, I was very pleased! (March 2023)

● We needed service by 4pm, two employees were out, and we got our truck at 3:30pm - thanks, Kevin! (February 2023) 

● Exceptional work always. They give us a heads up on future work if needed.  (February 2023)

● Very honest, competent, and on top of things. You have some of the best employees I have dealt with (December 2022, received February 2023.)

● Quite a difficult alignment project handled very well by your team (December 2022, received February 2023.)

● Bogdan is always easy to reach and quick to respond to emails when scheduling service. (December 2022)

● I really appreciate the warm hospitality of your staff. Someone always asks me if I need anything when in the waiting room. (December 2022)

● Everything was great. (November 2022)

● You guys as a general rule rock and are super helpful. (October 2022)

● Always great service in a very timely manner! (October 2022)

● Love working with all associates at FMI - professional and courteous. (October 2022)

● You guys and gals rock!! (August 2022)

● Performed annual federal inspection as well as service. Great additional service. (August 2022)

● Communication is on an amazing level. Appreciate Charlie and Shawn's work. (August 2022)

● You always take care of me. Bought a used F-650 to replace a Hino. I appreciate you even more now. (July 2022)

Always on time. (July 2022)

Liz is a gem. (July 2022)

● Great service and fast. (June 2022)

● We loved the report that we get at the end of the service. Loved the smell of popcorn. We really like the clear communication between the service advisor, the tech, and us. (June 2022)

● Really like the overnight service. (May 2022)

● Everything done here at FMI is done well by continuous effort. Exceptional service at FMI. Unusually good and outstanding. (May 2022)

● Great service and fast. (May 2022)

● Great crew. Hope to schedule again soon. (May 2022)

● The accounting department has been very helpful. Outstanding. (April 2022)

● My most recent trip in was so easy. Lawrence was very helpful. (April 2022)

● They did a great job! (April 2022)

Body & Equipment

● Your team are some of the best and most competant we have ever dealt with. (December 2022, received February 2023)

● Great service and you all make everything really easy, thank you. (December 2022)

● He not only explained what the problem with the truck was, he showed me where the problem was located. (October 2022) 

● Always great; thank you guys. (September 2022)

● Always a great job. Thank you guys. (September 2022)

● Great service and fast. (July 2022)

● Consistently quality work at both locations. Always doing more than minimum. (June 2022)

● Always great service. (May 2022)

● Thanks for great service. (April 2022)

● Thank you very much. Got our truck fixed and back up and running. (April 2022)

● Had our truck done early. Thank you! Charlie is awesome. (April 2022)

● I was so happy to have my roll up door fixed. Great job! (March 2022)

Thank you! (February 2022)

● Quick appointment and service. Very helpful (February 2022)

● You guys always do a great job for me.  Thank you so much! (December 2021)

● Charlie was great - got it done - no downtime. (August 2021)

● We will use FMI for repairs on our other trucks as needed. (June 2021)


● The crew at Clackamas is always friendly and does an exceptional job. (January 2023)

● Great communication. (January 2023)

● This vehicle was done well ahead of estimated time. It's much appreciated! (December 2022)

● Vehicle came back in a timely fashion. (December 2022)

● Had a lot of patience receiving frequent phone calls from me to see if a part came in. (October 2022)

● Brandon the manager is very friendly. (August 2022)

● Brandon and Chris are some of the best customer service people I have ever worked with. (July 2022)

● Great communication. (June 2022)

● Friendly, helpful staff. (May 2022)

● Always a pleasure. Nice to get great communication. (April 2022)

● Everything was excellent. Nice service. (April 2022)

● I am very pleased. Clackamas staff is friendly and their smiles make me want to go back soon. (April 2022)

● Nothing could be better. (March 2022)

● Brandon and Chris are awesome. I couldn't ask for better customer service. (July 2021)

● I really appreciate the prompt attention that we received and the courteousness. (September 2020)

● You got me in and out in a very timely manner. Everyone was polite and happy – you don’t see that a lot. (April 2020) 


● As usual, excellent service. (July 2022)

● Kam is always great to work with when I call and bring in my vehicles, and he is one of the reasons I keep coming back. (June 2022)

● This experience was an absolute pleasure. (May 2022)

● Very clear description of work needed. (May 2022)

● As always, awesome customer service! (February 2022)

● Excellent service! (February 2022)

● Very nice employees and helpful. (May 2021)

● Everyone has always been helpful and courteous! Great people, great service! (January 2021)

● Everything was exceptionally done very well. Keep up the good work. (January 2021)

Social Testimonials

Email Testimonials

"I have dealt with trucks and truck dealers for years and FMI has the best service, by far, of any company I have dealt with.

(Portland service customer)

"It was a great experience at FMI. I am super satisfied.

(Eugene Service Customer)


"Thank you for the professional and courteous assistance you provided me in replacing an engine. You provided me with the good used engine I requested. I plan to promote FMI’s excellent customer service whenever possible."

(Alaska parts customer)

"Thank you everyone!  I don’t know where I’d be without you for the last decade!"

(Portland Service Customer)


"I am writing to thank you for the repair work that your shop performed on our truck...we are happy to report that FMI was fast and friendly and we did not lose any time doing our daily pickups.

(Portland service customer)

"I like going to the dealership.  They are friendly, knowledgeable and my treatment from them is good."

(South Service Customer)


"I have been in the trucking industry for 30 years and by far FMI is the best shop I have ever been to.  Everyone is friendly, nice and congenial.  I cannot say enough good about FMI and the staff.  Everyone is super nice!

(Portland service customer)

"I appreciate FMI picking up and returning my truck. This saves me time in scheduling an appointment and getting an employee to take in the truck and pick it up."

(Portland Service Customer)


"We had a problem with one of our Hino's.  I spoke with the service foreman and a technician and both of these guys were very, very knowledgeable and helpful to help me find a wiring problem.  I got the problem fixed because the technical support I got from FMI was right on.  I take my hat off to your service-parts-body shop and the sales team for all the help they have given me.  You guys are the greatest!!!"

(Boston sales and parts customer)

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