FMI WorkMate Toilet Service Truck

WorkMate Portable Vacuum Service trucks are the most technically advanced portable sanitation trucks available. The unique modular design and quality components are designed specifically for the rigors of this industry.  The always equal weight distribution of the sidewinder tank extends brake life and improves handling.  Food grade poly tanks are individually plumbed to the tank to provide versatility and longevity.  Brine, fresh, premix or any combination of fluids can be carried with no corrosion or rusty water.


The ergonomically designed workstation, with over 60 cubic feet of storage space, is designed to save drivers both time and effort. With the ability to carry toilets, delivery and pickup expenses are greatly reduced.


WorkMate units are 'ready-to-work'  the moment the truck is delivered.  Hoses, wands, buckets and water nozzles are all part of the standard package.  We understand that you are in the service business, and as a service business you need to be there when you say you will. To do that you need dependable equipment. We build our equipment to support that mission.

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John Barrett

John Barrett

John joined FMI in 2005 with 22 years experience in vacuum trucks.  If you need a portable toilet or vacuum septic truck, John will use his 37 years of expertise to get you the right vehicle to meet your particular needs.

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