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In the world of commercial vehicles, the introduction of a truly new vehicle is a rare occurrence. That’s why the all-new Reach is so important. Everything you believe about what a commercial van can do–and what it can do for your business–is about to change.   The Reach has what today’s business owners want: A true commercial-grade vehicle that delivers reliable performance year after year. A timeless style that will still look great ten years from now.   Fuel-efficient design—thanks to its lightweight, aerodynamic Utilimaster body and efficient Isuzu diesel powertrain, the Reach delivers up to 35% better fuel economy than a traditional commercial van.


Reach is the first in its class to offer Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) injection, which reduces NOx levels in engine exhaust by 85%.


A time-efficient design; thanks to its low step-in combined with its pass-through design—drivers can get in and out and back on the road quicker than ever. Altogether, these features provide you with a commercial vehicle that can “reach” a wide range of vocations.

For more information on the FedEx Reach Van call Don Emerson toll free at 1.800.927.8750 

FedEx Reach Sales Consultant

Don started FMI in 1985. He serves on the Isuzu Dealer Council and is very familiar with all of Isuzu's products.

Don Emerson

Isuzu Reach Van Walk-Around Video
Isuzu Reach Van

FedEx Reach

FedEx Reach Delivery Van
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